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Important Notice

The Members Club has now closed and the opulent surroundings of its three member enclosures have been transfered to the care of the Heritage Trust.

We would like to thank our membership for its loyalty over the years and hope that the club provided unique networking opportunities not available at Haywards Heath Golf Club.

We are delighted to announce that the club will now be open to the public as part of the Trust's ongoing commitment to protecting the heritage of

You may enter the club enclosures via the links below.

Crystal Member's Enclosure | Gold Member's Enclosure | Platinum Member's Enclosure members club

Due to overwhelming visitor demand and the difficulty in joining the Haywards Heath Golf Club we are able to offer visitors a fully automated Members Club. To reflect the aspirational nature of Haywards Heath, members are rewarded with either Crystal, Gold or Platinum membership status. While Crystal status is available immediately, dedication is required to reach the higher echelons of Gold and Platinum club membership.

As a member, each time you visit you will have the opportunity to enter your unique password to register your visit and gain one loyalty point. Each point moves you up the club ladder culminating in full Platinum status and the sense of superiority this will bring.

You are free to review your membership details and membership entitlement at any time. When you reach the required number of points you will automatically be given access to either the Gold or Platinum members area (subject to status). From time to time some Platinum members will be specially selected and offered lifetime and irrevocable membership to the Diamond VIP Club.

To join the Members Club and receive access to the Crystal Club enclosure please complete our application form. Although it's not compulsory we urge you to supply your e-mail address to receive the full benefits of membership. We would add that your e-mail address is kept confidential and we won't dish it out to some American firm wanting to sell you a degree form the University of Alabama or something.

Membership Levels and Benefits

Crystal Membership - The first step on the greasy club ladder. Crystal members can print out their Crystal Club Card and show it to other people. The principal benefit of Crystal Club membership is the Crystal Club Card.

Gold Membership - Gold members receive access to the Gold Members area and the Gold Club card. Gold members will also join our mailing list and receive electronic notification of site updates as and when they appear.

Platinum Membership - In the event that you qualify for full Platinum membership you will be given access to the Platinum enclosure and Platinum Club card. Platinum members will continue to receive the benefits of Gold membership and also gain a place on our Christmas card list.

The details of Diamond VIP Membership are strictly confidential and available to Diamond VIP Club Members only.


How do I collect membership points?

It's simple. Go to the login page enter your password and press the submit button. Your visit will be noted on our database and you will increase in stature.

How do check my membership status?

Go to the login page, enter your password, press the submit button and your membership details will appear on the screen. Your details will include your total number of visits and current membership status. By checking your membership status you get a point.

Can I abuse the slightly amateurish nature of your membership system by logging on several times a day?

No. You only get one point per day.

What rate of interest do you offer on balance transfers of up to £3000? does not currently offer financial services to its members or visitors.

I find that my car intermittently looses power often when accelerating. The engine isn't running rough or anything like that it just seems very flat.

This could be a number of things. Maybe the fuel pump is playing up but if that was the case you'd probably get a more jerky power delivery rather than a smooth loss in power. A similar thing happened on my car and it turned out to be a couple of engine sensors that were reporting incorrect temperatures to the engine management system. The car thought it was over heating so cut the power. I had them changed (not cheap at £250 including VAT and labour) and that seemed to fix the problem. I've since sold the car.

I've lost my house keys which is something I never normally do.

Try looking in the trousers you were wearing yesterday, or your coat. Failing that you've probably left them somewhere really strange like on top of the toilet cistern.

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