Welcome to the Gold Member Enclosure and congratulations on achieving Gold Member status. The Gold member Enclosure has been trimmed with light chocolate brown leatherette similar to the quality and style one might find on an inexpensive personal organiser or ladies handbag.

As a Gold Member you are free to download and print your Gold Membership card. We would however advise that you don't flash this card around too much since these day's almost anyone can get a gold card of some sort, particularly if you respond to one of those credit card junk mails. But don't be despondent, you have risen above the work-a-day filth that is the Crystal Membership community and are well on your way to that most exclusive of Haywards Heath clubs, the Platinum Member Enclosure.

The Gold Membership card will brighten up any wallet or purse. You can now relegate you Crystal card to the bin where it belongs.

All Gold members receive notification of site updates providing a valuable opportunity to gain vital membership points.