BREAKING NEWS - Haywards Heath mentioned by Graham Norton on Eurovision 2010 about 10 minutes ago (at the time of wrting). Oh, and the Albanian entry has just come on. It's actually not that bad.

Gilt-edged celebrity connection - JORDAN and PETE EXCLUSIVE!!

This is one of the hottest clebrity stories we have ever run EVER! Model, Singer and novelty heat reactive ironing board cover JORDAN (aka Katy Price) and her jungle lover PETER ANDRE (aka PETER ANDRE) have been spotted dining out in Haywards Heath no less than several times. Top of thier list appears to be Zizis but they have also been spotted in Viva suggesting not only are they madly in love with each other but that they also share a love of italian food. Either that or PETER ANDRE likes the little bread sticks you get in Italian places.

In recognition of the scale of this celebrity connection we have devoted the entire cover of issue 1 of Heath Magazine to JORDAN and PETER ANDRE. However, we have had to withdraw our first issue due to the fact that someone with an ironing business received a letter about a picture of shirts. Due to data protection reasons we cannot reveal any more details.


Tessa Sanderson once visited our school.

Giggling Liverpool footballer Emlyn Hughes once took a training session at Cuckfield Cosmos FC.

Yes we know ex Brighton & Hove Albion Football star, Gerry Ryan runs The Witch pub in Lindfield! It is actually mentioned in our 'Pubs' section.

Cricketer Graham Roope used to live in Cuckfield.

Tessa Sanderson

Alan Shearer was once seen in The Star public house. (See pub section)

Balding swimmer Duncan Goodhew and not so balding Adrain Moorhouse both had photo sessions at Warden Park School, Cuckfield.

Jimmy Hill

Some rugby player called Roy Winters used to go to Warden Park School.

Brian Jacks visited St Pauls R.C School to show people how to do controversial squat-thrusts.

I once thought I saw OAP racing driver Stirling Moss drive under the bridge near the station.


Big chinned television football pundit Jimmy Hill bought his glasses from Specsavers on South Road.

Jet from Gladiators once opened the Dolphin fair.


Apparently, members of Take That and Oasis were seen in The Wheatsheaf pub in Cuckfield, which is near Haywards Heath.

Bret Anderson and Matt Osman from 90's band Suede both grew up in Haywards Heath not London.

Saffron from the mid 90's band Republica went to Haywards Heath College.

Someone we know served 80's boy band BROS. in a local off licence.

Thatch haired rock tart from Transvision Vamp, Wendy James, was born and bred in Haywards Heath.

Tight jeaned, rock grandad Rick Parfitt of Status Quo was at a party in Wood Ride

80's super band China Crisis once played a gig at The King's Head in Cuckfield, which is near Haywards Heath.

Wendy James

Lead singer of 80's soft rock band Marillion, Fish, used to frequent The Wheatsheaf pub in Cuckfield, which is near Haywards Heath

Click here for the Haywards Heath tartan exclusive.


The theme tune to Black Beauty was written in Haywards Heath, somewhere near America Lane.

Pretty boy Jamie Theakston comes from Ditchling, a village with the thinnest road in the South that's not a million miles away from Haywards Heath. Jamie drinks there too sometimes but to protect his privacy we're not telling you which pub he drinks in.

One of our visitors thought he once saw ex-Swap Shop star Keith "Cheggers" Chegwin getting into his Ford Cortina outside the seven-eleven.

Smug 'Have I Got News For You' regular Ian Hislop went to Ardingly college, which is near Haywards Heath.

Sci-fi actor, Mathew Waterhouse, better known to acne ridden sociopaths as Adric from TV's Doctor Who, grew up in Haywards Heath.

Zoe Ball is from Burgess Hill which is near Haywards Heath. She is also married to Norman Cook who lives in Brighton, if she hasn't told you 1000 times already.

Veteran actor Sir Edward Fox lives in Cuckfield, which is near Haywards Heath.

Cheggers in the buff

Gretta Scacci went to Haywards Heath College and also opened the Platform Theater. Sadly this theater is now closed.

Sandy Tocksvig (of No. 73 & Call My Bluff fame) & Neil Morrissey, (of Boon & Men Behaving Badly fame) have both stayed at Ockenden Manor, but not together........she's a lesbian.

The bloke who played Nick Cotton in  TV's Eastenders did a fashion show at Haywards Heath College

One of our visitors saw porky soap, song and dance nag Martine McCutcheon using the Natwest opposite The Star.

David 'The Hoff' Hasselhoff once worked up a bit of a sweat at the Dolphin Leisure Centre Gym back in 1995!

When working in Stable Antiques in Lindfield, Grange Hill's Mrs McCluskey visited one of our visitors.

Haywards Heath was mentioned in a station announcement in a St. Trinnians film, but we don't know which one.

Husky thinking man's sexy crumpet Mariella Frostrup has been sighted in Sainsbury's several times probably buying tabs.

Haywards Heath featured in Hollywood film High Heels and Low lifes. Click here for full coverage.

The 'Hoff'

70's TV superstar Bernie Winters was once seen by a local, stopping off at the old seven-eleven to get a loaf of bread and some chocolate hob nobs. Schnoorbits was left in the car, (although he did remember to leave the window slightly open).

During a sketch on the Kenny Everett show, Haywards Heath was mentioned when Kenny & his mob were all sitting in a train carriage. An announcement said something along the lines of 'change at Haywards Heath for Brighton' whereupon the train entered a tunnel, the carriage went dark, and when the light came back, the gang had all hilariously donned bathing costumes! Kenny Everett also once ran over one of our visitors' cat when he lived in Bolney, which is also near Haywards Heath.

Tim Brooke-Taylor

Comic genius' Faith Brown & Tim Brooke Taylor opened the orchards

Haywards Heath was mentioned by the Jack Nicholson character in the popular impressions based comedy Stella Street.

Modern day Norman Wisdon, Lee Evans nearly hit one of our visitors with his car when he was playing at Clair Hall

Faith Brown

When one of our visitors worked in the Bent Arms, blue comedian Roy Chubby Brown was resident for a night while swearing for charity somewhere in Sussex.

Miniature comedian, Ronnie Corbett, once told a 'yoke' on the Ben Elton Show involving a man in a sexual situation who kept getting confused between Haywards Heath and Horsham stations.

Click here for the Bob Monkhouse Tribute Page and Message Board.

Princess Anne

Catwalk model and 80's Pop star, Yasmin and Simon Le Bon, once visited the Dolphin Fair.

Princess Anne, The Princess Royal, opened the local leisure centre and had the hospital named after her. Her rabid dogs stayed at home.

When one of our visitors was a child, they met Floella Benjamin at Clair Hall

Haywards Heath received nationwide exposure when it was featured on Crimewatch for a spate of bicycle based muggings.

According to The Daily Mail a member of jet setting super model Kate Moss' immediate family lives in Haywards Heath. She visited them recently but we didn't see her.

Eddie Shah who started up the Today Newspaper complete with dodgy colour photos that were always out of focus (not a bad thing) went to Oathall School, Haywards Heath

Haywards Heath is on the flight path for Gatwick Airport which means many celebrities have flown over Haywards Heath.

A town can never have too many celebrity connections. If you know of any then tell us via our electrical mail page.

If you are tempted to mail us concerning any of the pictures on this page, don't.

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