The average sized town between London and Brighton on the A272

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So you want to visit Haywards Heath. We don't blame you, it's a wonderful town. Our Journey Planner will help you get here be it by road, rail, air or sea.

To access Haywards Heath by Road you need to get onto the A272 which runs right through the centre of town. The A272 is accessible from most roads in the area which are, themselves, connected to most other roads in the country via further roads, so wherever your start from, make sure you head for the A272. The A272 is a long road so do make sure you are on the section of the A272 that runs through Haywards Heath to ensure you arrive at the correct destination.

Haywards Heath is fully connected to the national rail network via its own station called Haywards Heath station. To reach Haywards Heath station you need to make sure you are on the correct line that runs through Haywards Heath station. This line is accessible from most stations in the country via one or more changes of train and or line. Train time tables are available on a web site.
Haywards Heath does not have it's own airport but is within various distances of all major airports in the country and so is fully accessible by air. From your chosen airport head for Haywards Heath either by road or rail using the directions above. Check flight times and availability with your tour operator.
Haywards Heath is not strictly speaking on the coast but is quite close to the coast and so is fully accessible by sea. Once at a port of your choice (we would suggest a port that is near Haywards Heath), you can continue your journey via road, rail or possibly by air if there is an airport near your chosen port that has fights to other airports in the country that are within various distances of Haywards Heath. Sea states can be obtained from the BBC's shipping forecast.
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