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No, it's not Rea Perlman, aka Carla, from the popular bar based comedy 'Cheers'. It is in fact's Senior Vice President of Operations and System Architecture standing outside the facade used for the popular bar based comedy 'Cheers', in Boston America. Though you can't read it we can reliably inform you that refills are free on the Kid's menu which explains why many Americans are larger than life. The inside of the bar is nothing like the one on the television.

You could be forgiven for thinking this is the glorious Sussex Downs, however the trained eye will note the lack of derelict windmills and courting couples in sexual situations. It is in fact, and rather obviously so, Gran Sabana, Venezuela, with Mt Kukenān in the background. In the foreground you can see Matt Gibson (our resident Alan Wicker) wearing fashionable three quarter length cut-off trousers as is the style in south america these days.

You spin me right round baby right round, like a record baby, right round, round round. No, its not Peter something from 80's band Dead or Alive but our Senior Vice President and External Communications Director enjoying a ride on the classic Tea Cups ride at Thorpe Park off the M25 between Staines and Chertsey.

Was this picture was taken on Mars or the moon or somewhere from out of this world, wow look at that thing in the background. No it wasn't. It is in fact the world's only 7 star hotel, the Burj al Arab in Dubai. In keeping with its 7 star rating, the hotel has an Atari Pole Position machine in the bar.

It's competition time. One of these pictures was taken outside the real CN Tower in Toronto Canada and the other was taken in front of the scale model of the tower at popular themed park, Thorpe Park, off the M25 between Staines and Chertsey. Which is the real tower? This one.

Or is it this one.

You decide. TEXT: ' I compulsively enter competitions ' to 9985574665324416398. £10 per text, other network charges apply.

Continuing the Canadian theme this next photo was taken at Niagara Falls.

Our contributor had the falls specially turned on for this photo. Some interesting facts about the falls; 'Niagara' is the native American Indian word for moist. Until 1973, the falls went up instead of down. You can buy long straws at the gift shop and actually drink the falls.

The hills are alive to the sound of Nazis. So sang that woman in The Sound of Music. Fortunately the Nazis are long gone but the beautiful scenery of Bavaria remains. This is King Ludwig II's Neuschwanstein Castle in the forest of Bavaria. And yes, this bloke gets everywhere doesn't he.

And here he is again,'s very own Alan Wicker this time visiting some old ruins in Egypt. The Egyptians are renowned for their impressive engineering achievements and advanced sociological hierarchy. As you can see from this picture, not only were they progressive enough to have no problem deifying the disabled but they also pioneered the deployment of wheelchair ramps well before the invention of the wheel chair.

This grotty pile of old rubbish is the Coliseum in Rome another one of Alan's destinations during 2005. During its heyday the Coliseum had spaces for over 1,500 chariots, not including disabled and mother and baby facilities. However, due to budget cut-backs and the move to unattended pay and display the Coliseum soon began to deteriorate and has been closed to vehicles since 1971.

Some people we don't know actually took the time to take some photos of themselves while on holiday and send them in. These have been taken in a park in Barcelona. Those strange seats are by Gaudi but if you think that's odd, go and see the church. For some reason the pictures have a blue tint to them, very much like night time scenes in the A-Team that have clearly been shot in the day. Coincidentally, the entire production team were also in Barcelona during the summer. We went to this park, the church, the beach, a harbour, a cable car, the Olympic village, some bars, some restaurants, the picasso museum, an ice cream shop, a supermarket, our apartment, the train station , a taxi rank and the airport. Spain has television programmes not available on the BBC.
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