The average sized town between London and Brighton on the A272

current location: opening your door

Opening Your Door Into Traffic

Figure 1 shows the view from the driver's side wing mirror.

You intend to vacate your vehicle for the purposes of browsing round the town minus the inconvenience of paying 40 pence for designated parking.


Figure 2 shows a mid point in the manoeuvre.

It is imperative that you do not open your door at this point. Clearly at some 50 metres, it is impossible to estimate the speed of oncoming traffic.

Figure 3 shows the point at which you should be familiarising yourself with the opening mechanism of your vehicle's door.

Remember not to use your mirror at this point. We suggest talking to your passenger or general faffing as a convenient distraction.

Figure 4 shows the point at which you should open your door.

At a mere 0.5 metres any motorist should be able to see oncoming traffic. By opening your door you will alert other motorists to the fact that you will be disembarking your vehicle and that they should exercise a degree of caution as is the style when human people occupy the motorised carriageway.

Notice how the blue car brakes heavily to give a visual and audible signal of its presence.

Figure 5 You are free to browse around the town.

Unfortunately, due to shoddy carmanship the blue car has overturned and consumed itself in flames. This is of no concern of yours. Your no claims bonus is unaffected by this incident.

Many thanks to Ian for his graphical contribution to this particular motoring guide. I trust that you remain comfortable with your artwork being converted to the 'house style'.
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