The average sized town between London and Brighton on the A272

current location: traffic lights

Traffic-Light Controlled Junction- Church Road

The diagram to the left illustrates a particularly complicated section of the one-way system. To help you get your bearings the Star Pub is located in the top right hand corner.

You will notice the number of traffic-lights and directional options the motorist has.

For this exercise you are situated within the area marked by the red circle at the foot of Church Road. This is a traffic-light controlled junction, the lights themselves only remain green for approximately 7 seconds.

For the purpose of this exercise you are driving the orange saloon.

Figure 1 shows the intended manoeuvre.

You will note the formation of traffic at the junction.

It is important at this stage of the manoeuvre that your car remains in neutral and with the handbrake firmly on its most extreme ratchet.

Your car should be positioned so as to obscure the view of the traffic-lights controlling the junction. You should be unaware of the second set of lights on the other side of the road providing you with the same information.

You should be seated, hunched over the steering wheel and with your neck straining to view the lights. Motorists with a glass sunroof can look through that. You will note that your car for this exercise is not equipped with a sunshine roof.

Figure 2 shows mid point number one in the manoeuvre.

You should remain oblivious to the fact that the lights have begun to flash amber. We suggest you play with your radio or ladies, arrange your hair.

You may also find that pedestrians choose this moment to cross the road in front of you having stood there for the last few minutes while the red light has been on.

You will notice that the maroon car has edged forward and the green car has moved to the crown of the road to see what the hold up is.

Ignore the impatient motorists behind you and make no attempt to operate any of the controls on your car.

Figure 3 shows mid point number two in the manoeuvre.

The lights should have been green for at least 3-4 seconds prior to you actually moving your car. This time is spent putting your car into gear and attempting to move with the handbrake on. (The rear of your car should drop approximately 3 inches during this attempt)

Depress the clutch for a second time, place the car into the first of its forward gears, disengage the handbrake and move off cautiously.

You will note that the maroon car has adopted the practice of 'tailgating' in an attempt to exit the junction before the lights turn to red. The green car has accelerated briskly depositing two skid marks on the road.

Figure 4 shows the end of the manoeuvre.

By this stage you should be well on your way either onto the one-way system itself of heading towards the mini-roundabouts outside the Dolphin Pub.

You will note that the green car has been unable to exit the junction before the lights turned red and so will have to remain stationary for another 5 minutes.

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