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Friday 29th September


The BIG DEBATE currently raging across the pages of The Mid Sussex Times is the proposed closure of our local casualty department or "A&E" as it is known these days. We have decided to avoid this debate pending the outcome of "The Middy's" cut out and keep, front page voting form result. Below some more pressing stories.

German Market Stalled

Plans by Haywards Heath Town Council to hold a five-day German market have been stonewalled.

The council wants to invite traders from its twin town of Traunstein to set up stalls and check papers in the Orchards Shopping Centre. The event, to be called a Christingle Market because of the sensitivity over July's three-day French market in the Broadway, would coincide with the town's Christmas Lights switch-on, December 5.

Mr. Middleton [Shopping centre manager] insisted: "The decision by some traders not to support the idea had nothing to do with the French Market and how it was received".

Town clerk Carole Preston added: "Burgess Hill would have welcomed this market with open arms."

During the French event, organised by the town council, British farmers staged a protest and handed out leaflets urging people to "Buy British"

A prominent opponent of the French market was Haywards Heath resident and editor of The Grocer magazine Clive Beddall who told us [The Middy] "The French flouted EU law by banning British beef. I have no problem with a German market, they are very efficient marketeers."

Our Comment: We consider the remarks of Ms. Preston to be below the belt. Under no circumstances could Burgess Hill host such an event with the same sense of style as Haywards Heath. We are in support of the efficient German market in spite of the Rover fracas.

TV (of the broadcasting kind) Weatherman's visit

Michael Fish, who caused the 1987 hurricane, is to visit nearby Sheffield Park Gardens to see how well it has recovered from the damage he caused and to launch the Sheffield Park Garden appeal.

Our Comment: It's about time.

Fun attractions at show

Teddy parachuting and duck racing are among the fun attractions at the South of England Agricultural Society's Autumn Show this Sunday.

The show will feature the best of British livestock as well a poultry, goats, rabbits, a horticultural show and a Shetland sheep show.

Our Comment: Teddy parachuting. Daredevil bear or underwear?

Pick of the Planning Applications

First Church of Christ Scientist, Church Road. Externally illuminated fascia sign, menu boxes, projecting sign, window sign and wall sign.

Our Comment: Plan approved. Neon reproduction of the Turin Shroud denied on grounds of taste.

M&S Closure is 'speculation'

Press reports that Marks and Spencer is planning to close up to 40 of its stores have been dismissed as "speculation and rumour".

If the M&S store in Haywards Heath were to close it would

strike a devastating blow to town trade, already trying to compete against Crawley's much larger shopping centre.

Our Comment: This would be a disaster for well heeled local shoppers. Marks represents the vital 3rd tier on the Budgens - Sainsburys - M&S shopping social ladder.

Coffee Break

Bleary-eyed commuters on Burgess Hill station will soon be able to kick-start their day with a coffee fix. Drinks chain Puccino's is opening an outlet on the up-platform.

Our Comment: Haywards Heath station has had this facility for some time. We have more platforms too.


Excerpts from the Middy Mailbag

David from Newtimber writes

Re:Car Park Charges

What is it coming to, paying to park at the hospital, 60p per hour, what if one has to wait as one does, 3 hours, that's £1.80. Really, what if one is a pensioner.

I also see that disabled will have to pay as well, that is way out of line. I'm a pensioner and disabled, struggling I might add, to survive.

Would the same rules apply if I were an asylum scrounger, or even a Royal. I very much doubt it.
I would get top treatment and no questions asked.

Think again committee, cut the 60p to 25p and badge holders free. I am afraid if they charge, I will not be able to attend appointments.

Aren't the elderly knocked about enough already, the kids get enough freebies, so how about looking after us for a change.

C of Burgess Hill writes

I see you are running a series on the farming community.

Can you ensure that you fully detail the farming subsidies such as headage payments, arable payments, set aside, organic grants, countryside stewardship grants, etc.

Could you also explain why farmers should compensated by the taxpayer when they have an outbreak of swine fever? Why do they not carry insurance, why when they feed dead diseased sheep to grass eating cows and kill people by BSE do they not appologise, why do they expect the French to eat the muck they produce.

I would hate to think that your article will be heavily in favour of these subsidy junkies

Our Comment: Thank you David for your balanced remarks.
Our Comment: Clearly a misunderstanding of key rural issues by a Burgess Hill resident. Subsidies are a necessity for most farmers, a Mercedes doesn't pay for itself you know.

The above articles have been reproduced from the Mid Sussex Times newspaper. The one about Michael Fish is true appart for the bit that blames him for the hurricane. Thanks for the days off school Michael and the tree that hit this blokes house in our road. No-one liked him.

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