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Royal Souvenir Edition
Sunday 14 May 2000



Prince of Wales Visits Heath


The Prince of Wales redressed the battle for Royal visits between Haywards Heath and Burgess Hill by touring Mid Sussex this week. The Prince thankfully snubbed Burgess Hill proclaiming it to be of a lower standard to Haywards Heath.
The Prince (64), seen here looking at a cow's arse, Visited Oathall School farm in an attempt to reverse its flagging fortunes. He failed.
The Prince was accompanied by his Royal entourage including jolly MP Nicholas Soames and his pies. The Prince was spotted repeatedly

putting his hand into his inner breast pocket fuelling rumours that he was packing heat.
The Prince later chatted to Oathall pupils reviving the popular 'pull my finger gag' at which point the Prince let one go to applause from local dignitaries.
The Prince further bolstered his popularity with local teenagers by gobbing on some old lady.
In the battle of the Royals Haywards Heath is now 2-1 up after the visit by Princess Anne in 1991.
Prince Looks Up a Cow's Back Side

Prince - Pull my finger
Prince - Gobs a Royal greenie at old dear
Are you talking to me? - The Prince packs heat with friend Soames



News Photos taken from the Mid-Sussex Times newspaper. Please note that these pictures have been digitally enhanced to make Nicholas Soames appear fatter than is the case in real life. Also Prince Charles didn't gob on an old lady but that cow picture is genuine.

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