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Sunday 28 November 1999


Building Developments
A LINDFIED couple must rethink a proposed extension after a neighbour delivered a heartfelt plea to District Councillors. They agreed to defer consideration of the application on the property after hearing the neighbour describe the scheme as 'overbearing'. Telling the meeting she was also concerned about its affect on a row of conifers along the boundary.


Anger as beggars go on the knock

Residents in the Penland Road area of Haywards Heath received unwelcome visitors last Saturday afternoon. A group of 'Bosnian refugees', some with babies, have

been knocking on doors begging for money. A resident of Blunts Wood Road said "She handed me a grubby bit of paper with 'I'm a refugee; I've no food and no money' written on it and of course I gave her some money. But a friend later saw the refugees get into a large car in Sainsburys car park and one of the other women had on an expensive leather coat; so it is obviously a scam".




Please note: Some of these crimes are of a shocking nature, parental guidance is advised


Roof of BMW slashed, offside keyed causing £2,500 worth of damage. Garden shed forced, contents disturbed nothing stolen. Padlock forced on garden shed and oriental lawnmower stolen.
4 seated stone lions stolen from entrance to Shanghai Brasserie restaurant at Castle Pub Intruders entered through unlocked rear door and made a tidy search of premises. Theft of 40 muti-coloured light bulbs from trees surrounding country gardens.
Hand bag stolen form boot of Volvo. Rear number plate stolen from red Ford Escort. Window and door cracked at Flower Craft.
Intruders entered via unsecured rear door and were discovered trying to steal a clock. Clock left on stairs.


News and crime reports taken from the Mid-Sussex Times newspaper

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