New Bypass - Bypass Opens For Business!

One of the south-east's most ambitious and challenging engineering projects since the Channel Tunnel has finally been completed. While it took engineers a scarcely believable 6 years to dig a simple tunnel under the sea and shove a train through it, road experts have smashed global records for road production by completing the bypass in a record-breaking 14 years.

The single carriageway road, stretches of which can be navigated at up to the national speed limit, is equipped with a roundabout at each end and a number of other roundabouts along its route, some fitted with grass.

As if this feat of engineering excellence wasn't enough, developers Crest Nicholson have somehow found the time to build a few houses along the route as a generous gift to the town and a show of British engineering might.

The bypass has revolutionised travel in the region cutting the journey time between the Birch hotel and the bit of road just round the corner from Beech Hurst by literally minutes.

Burgess Hill does not have a bypass of any meaningful description, certainly not one as nice.

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