New Bypass - Scooter Punks Rampage!

Over recent weeks the Haywards Heath bypass, or relief road as one reader has suggested, has begun to take shape. Planners have finally initiated a landscaping project and the results are finally there to enjoy. The roundabout has been grassed with premium quality lawn not found in Burgess Hill.

Sadly not all residents appreciate the recently beautified roundabout and some have chosen to desecrate this traffic masterpiece. Local 'Honda Hooligans' have recently deposited a one

wheeled snub on the roundabout by crossing the structure outside of Highway Code guidelines.

The 'Vespa Vandals' caused 'Kawasaki Karnage' by bisecting the roundabout with a total disregard to both geometry and trajectory.

Whilst local feelings run high, many residents have chosen to adopt a 'War Spirit' and refuse to be defeated by the 'Piaggio Pranksters'.

We at do not condone the actions of these 'Yamaha Yobs'.

Grassy knoll? No, a playground for Suzuki Skinheads.

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