Bypass Roundabout Bypassed - Accident Blackspot?

An accident blackspot can be described as a road where the number of accidents increases at a rate greater than the national average. So far we have recorded one incident at the new bypass roundabout; the scooter punks incident. Recently an 'elderly' driver traversed the roundabout in a similar way bringing the number of incidents to two, a shocking 100% increase in the number accidents known to us. However since the scooter punks incident was an incident and not an accident, that halves the base number of accidents therefore probably doubling the accident rate to 200%. An even more shocking statistic and most likely above the national average.


Glass with embossed 'GM' logo (not visible in picture)

We visited the scene of the accident some time after it happened and used accident investigation techniques learned from that programme with Michael Buerk to try and guess what happened.

We concluded early on that the motorist had failed to both stop and steer but were unable to determine what order, if any, this had happened.

LX (or higher) bumper with trim

On mounting the roundabout assisted by the vehicle's wheels the motorist struck one of the 3 support poles holding up the giant, reflective high visibility chevron 'warning' sign. A fragment of headlight approximately the size of a GCSE approved scientific calculator confirmed the vehicle was a Vauxhall vehicle and a piece of bumper indicated it was the colour of red in colour.

Chrome effect trim on a sample of bumper led us to conclude the vehicle was most probably an LX model or above, though not a sporty GSi or SRi. Interior trim colour remains unknown and is not believed to be a contributory factor in this incident.

Deep tire tracks showed that the car had crossed the roundabout leading us to the second impact which was the lamppost impact. The lamppost had been struck hard enough so as to completely remove the service access panel revealing complicated wiring thought not to have distracted the driver. Finally the vehicle struck a rural style fence in an urban manner and frontally ran aground on the ground of a safety bank constructed, quite possibly, for safety reasons. The lamppost has since been removed.

Broken Fence and Lamppost

Fortunately the driver was uninjured in this incident but it leaves a black cloud hanging over one of Haywards Heath's newest motoring features.

Picture 1
Pictures 1 and 2 show quite different views of the same accident. Picture 1 shows the route the driver took toward the fence. Picture 2 is where you'd be standing if the driver had hit you.

Picture 2


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