Signpost Horror - Cover-up Suspected

The Haywards Heath bypass roundabout celebrated its one year operational service anniversary in dubious fashion this month with yet another road traffic accident. Having already fallen victim to scooter punks and a disorientated elderly motorist the roundabout has once again found itself at the centre of a major incident. Though the roundabout has a chequered past the quality and quantity of directional and warning signage has stood out as one of the few success stories of this controversial road feature. However, this success story was dealt a devastating blow when one motorist struck the Haywards Heath to Cuckfield direction sign leaving it at a precarious angle.



A site visit by the Incident Traffic Squad failed to find any debris at the crash site and the team were unable to persuade any local residents to give an eyewitness account. With details of the incident shrouded in secrecy and a curious lack of crash debris, many experts are starting to hint at a high level cover-up that could go all the way to the Town Hall or worse still the Rotary Club.

Since our initial site visit several members of the investigation team have received unsolicited

phone calls from strangers claiming to be replacement window sales representatives. This flimsy cover has been interpreted as a covert attempt by shadowy figures from a world that is above the law to undermine the investigation through blatant intimidation. The promise to replace doors and windows has led many to conclude that they could be replaced with bars, like in a prison. In spite of these intimidation tactics our investigation will continue. Although, with few clues and no willing eyewitnesses it seems this incident is likely to be filed under 'unexplained'.

crash debris mystery


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