New Bypass - Going Nowhere?

It has been revealed to the Bypass Report team that work has halted on the new Haywards Heath Bypass. This shock news was first reported ages ago by local paper 'The Mid Sussex Times' but has since escalated in its importance following the publication on this site of the above sentence.

However, not everyone is celebrating. The news that tools have been downed has brought chaos to hundreds of young road protesters who had planned to spend their summer break stuck up trees in the area. Many have now been forced to find new protest venues or alternatively work for their parents' successful computer software business. "It's very disappointing" said one protester, "I haven't washed my hair in 3 months in preparation. It cleans itself after 3 weeks you know".

Another teen protester voiced her distress, "It's ruined my summer, I'm going to have to spend the whole of July and August on my fathers boat now as is the person I have handcuffed myself to."

Work is proceeding on the A272 to Rocky lane section and new road signs were revealed as little as one week ago. Surprisingly, landscaping of the road section has not yet commenced probably due to the foot and mouth crisis

Nonetheless, a source that cannot be revealed has informed us that although the main work on other sections of the bypass has stopped the developers have agreed to finish work started on the pavement sections. A clear victory for common sense.

Pictures to follow when our camera film has been used up, most likely after a barbecue or family engagement.

EXCLUSIVE! pictures coming soon, including shots of the recently opened roundabout.

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