New Bypass - More Exclusive Pictures for April!

Our new exclusive! pictures reveal the extent of the work so far. However please note that since these exclusive! pictures were taken some more work has been done.

To the right of the picture, those familiar with civil road construction will see the basis of a roundabout. The fear is this automotive merry-go-round will divert motorists around Haywards Heath thus robbing them of the unexpected excitement an unplanned visit can bring.

This picturesque shot was taken at sundown which would explain the total lack of on site activity.
As you can see from this exclusive! shot take from the site access road, excavation has been extensive. Our fear is that rare Roman artifacts may lurk just inches below the muddy surface. As yet members of Channel 4's "Time Team" have not been given access to the site as they may well have requested had they known about it.

More EXCLUSIVE! pictures coming soon, including shots of the recently surfaced roundabout.

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