All Together in the Floral Dance

It's been nearly one year since the last bypass report as the controversial road feature took notice of local feelings and kept a low profile. However, in an attempt to win the hearts of Haywards Heath residents, this Gateway to Bolnore Village has recently gone floral in a dazzling display of colour and landscaping.

It's been nearly two and a half years since work began on the bypass to hell and 18 months since the roundabout was given an lush coat of grass. Since then the roundabout has been the victim of a Vauxhall Cavelier and a gang of scooter punks. However, in a supprise Ground Force-esque move, three mixed flower and schrub beds have been installed elevating this road feature to the status of one of Haywards Heath's prime areas of outstanding natural beauty.

Not everyone seems to appreciate the colourful transformation. A local road safety campaigner spoke off the record to us saying,

'It's madness. There's nothing more distracting when approaching a roundabout than having a bush thrust into your field of view. I only hope that the council sees to it that these bushes are kept neatly trimmed so we can all see what we're doing. If they're left to get out of control I can see a real mess developing when someone tries to pull out at the last minute just as another person is comming from the right. Someone is going to get rear ended just you wait and see'

In spite of these warnings, it's been nearly 2 months since the transformation and as yet no road safety incidents have been reported leading this web site to conclude that the roundabout is safer than it was when it was just grass.


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