Old Bypass Shock!

Sometime in the eighties it was decided that the nearby town of Cuckfield required a bypass to make it easier for people in Range Rovers to park in the village high street. The official reason for the road was to divert traffic wanting or coming off the A23 away from the village. However, due to its width and length it is also used by youths to see how fast they can go in their parents cars.

The Haywards Heath end
Prior to and following construction of the bypass my class mates and I were commission by our maths teacher to conduct traffic surveys. We conclusively found that the bypass had indeed reduced traffic flow. Another benefit was that the new road had been built through the middle of our school cross country route known as 'the bog trot' so we no longer had to jog past the sewage works in the middle of December.
Get off my land!Doh
On the bypass with some old man walking down it
Unfortunately the Cuckfield bypass moved all the traffic coming off the A23 onto only one road going in to Haywards Heath, hence the need for a Haywards Heath bypass about half a mile down the road. Traffic planning, what's that?
Lets off-road!
The Cuckfield end. Pictured - Two silly off-road vehicles

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